Maternity Shoot: What’s New

BabyBumPhotography is a professional photography services brand based out of Gurgaon. We have the most affordable and valuable photography services. Babybumphotography is a proud ten year old brand that offers Baby photography, Maternity photography, New born photoshoots and Family photography services in Gurugram.

Well as a professional maternity photography company we offer a wide range of maternity gowns to our clients to choose from. It’s very important to get the right look to get the best maternity photoshoot for yourself.

But off late we have started offering maternity drapes to our clients. Drapes as a substitute to gowns are very common in western counties. In India we have a lot of seasoned photographers offering drapes. Indian ladies are still adapting to this style. Let me explain what a drape is. Attaching a picture for reference.

A drape is long piece of cloth that is worn in different styles by the expecting lady during the maternity shoot session. The drape is mostly solid in color and is either satin , chiffon or georgette cloth.

There are several ways to wear it.

How it looks different ?

We genuinely suggest ladies to sport one of the changes as a drape. The flying drape not only makes you look feminine but also very very glamour’s. It adds a lot of magic and sensuality to your pictures. It’s important to wear a good color drape with a matching backdrop. Your photographer knows the best here. Colors like white, black, yellow, wine color looks amazing.

If you are reading this and are looking forward to book a maternity shoot do request for a drape from your maternity photographer.

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