The Perfect Maternity Photoshoot with the Perfect Gown!!

The Perfect Maternity Photoshoot with the Perfect Gown!!

We all fancy those dreamy maternity pictures we have been checking out over the internet all this while. A great picture is a mix of a great subject and a great backdrop with some magical editing. 

Hiring the best photographer is not the only solution. You need to be well prepared for the photo-shoot as well. Here we will share a few tips and ideas on how to get that perfect maternity dress. 

1.We generally allow 2-3 changes to every couple for an outdoor maternity shoot. So be sure that you start exploring your dresses on time. By the time you hit the 7th month you get a fair idea of how large you will get, so pick your sizes accordingly. 

2. First which color you should pick. We suggest vibrantly and pastels. If we cite an example go with colors like Rani pink, Pink in all shades, peach, yellow, sky blue, magenta, white, light shades of grey, maroon, etc. 

3. What looks best? A maxi dress. Those long maxi dresses with lots of flares always do the magic. Avoid cotton short dresses. 

4. Please avoid patterns. If you are still keen, then you can go with the floral. 

5.  Start exploring online sites like Amazon, Myntra, etc. Sometimes they have some beautiful maxi dresses that you can bank on. These dresses can be used later as well. Order on time so that in case you face the size of fitting issues then you can always get a new one on time. You can play trial and error here.

6.  If you still don’t find your choice explore your local markets. Sometimes these local vendors have some nice long maxi dresses which you can pick a free size and alter accordingly. Add some laces, drapes, and modify it from your local Taylor.

7. If you have time, then procure some nice hosiery or stretchable cloth material and get it stitched from a nearby boutique with a reference. 

8. Order a few nice tiaras to complete the look. 

9. If you are still confused, then leave it on us. We provided dresses on rent with tiaras to save your time and cost

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