Still Contemplating a Maternity Photoshoot !! To be done or not ?

Still Contemplating a Maternity Photoshoot !! To be done or not ?

Western countries on the contrary have always been very vocal and open about the pregnancy news. The couples there make their announcement as soon as they get to know.. They are even ready with the baby room before the baby arrives .

The great aspect today is that Indian couples are now forthcoming about sharing their happiness on social media. I feel great when I hear ladies calling in their first trimester asking for packages and prep information’s.  It’s a thing of celebration today.

Let me share with you why you should never miss your maternity shoot.

It’s a representation of your biggest joy. Always keep your moments alive as you move forward in life. It’s the best way to share your bond with the baby. It’s so surreal to hold each other as a couple and express the feeling of welcoming your baby.

For the expecting lady it’s a bright new experience. Choosing your outfit, checking the makeup & styling, Researching for the photographer all this adds to the excitement during the expecting tenure.

It’s a fun session :  We make sure every couple who walks in to our studio takes an experience for life time. We make the shoot very memorable and fun to go for the young couples. Its emotional to see them holding each other feeling their baby.

The edited pics add a cherry on the cake. So never miss your maternity shoot. Rejoice your life’s moments and make sure they are best celebrated.

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