Preparing for a Maternity Shoot

Preparing for a Maternity Shoot

Waiting for your baby’s arrival is the best wait ever. Enrolling in a maternity shoot session is a great way to celebrate. One should make the best out of it to get those perfect shots.

Here we will share with you those small tips and tricks that will help you prepare for the shoot and make the most of your photo session.

  • The best time to shoot is 8-8.5months. Your bump is visible and the excitement is at its peak. You should book your photographer in the 6th month itself and start preparing.
  • Dresses do the magic, yes you read it right. It’s most important to wear the right dress and for that, you should start looking out for dresses from 6.5 months itself. 
  1. a)  Pick the colors that suit your skin tone.
  2. b)  Go for solids instead of patterns.
  3. c) If you are game for an outdoor shoot then get those bright colors flowing like peach, pinks, yellows, magenta, red, etc. kindly avoid green and black for your outdoor.
  4. d) Try to grab long maxi dresses that add the feminine touch.
  • The best way to source your dress is your local boutique. Get the perfect fabric of your choice and share the design that you are comfortable with for getting it stitched. Don’t forget to add a long flowing drape that adds the magic to your solo shots. You can also try online sites for ordering one or two. There are plenty of them at your disposal over the internet. Order on time so that you can get your alteration done also it gives you buffer time for last-minute return/exchanges. You can also try your nearest malls but visit with patience.
  • Pamper your skin, hair, nails, and get your parlor sessions booked 3-4 days before the shoot. It’s not a bad idea to get your nails done (nail art ) so that your cup shots come out perfect.
  • Be color-coordinated with your partner.
  • Your hair do is a must. A good hair-do makes your face looks neat and appealing. Make a quick visit to your nearest parlor on that day.
  • Try to carry few props that you can showcase in a few of the pics. They add a lovely touch for the baby shoot later.
  • Carry your bag which should ideally have water, snack, your basic makeup for touchup, etc.
  • Take good rest a day before the shoot.
  • Please carry your most comfortable set of footwear for the outdoor shoots. 

Be on time and make the most of it… you can always get few extra clicks on the benefit of time 

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