Planning a new Born shoot – All you need to know.

Planning a new Born shoot – All you need to know.

When you should plan?

You should plan your new born photography soon after your maternity photo session. It’s best your book you dates in advance to avoid last minute challenges.

New Born photography is best done within 15 to 30 days of baby being born.

If there were any complication at the time of delivery considering baby or the mother its best to seek you gynecologist or Pediatricians permission before coming for the shoot.

The Session ?

Babybumphotography allows parents to choose the setup’s they prefer from our collection. New Born photography requires a lot of patience. We prefer the baby to be sleeping. We try to ensure that the baby is comfortable all throughout the session. During the session if the baby gets uncomfortable, cranky or wakes up to cry we handle the baby with utmost care till the baby is ready for the shoot again.

Session Duration

The basic session is for 1.5 hrs. and the premium one takes 2 hrs. but we actually can’t predict the time involvements. Some babies are calm throughout the session while some feel restless in a new space. We suggest to keep your day free for the shoot.


We always finish the portraits as the last of the session. Holding your cute little wrapped baby is very important. Well we teach you how to do it perfectly.

After reaching home do not forget to sponge bath your baby.

Happy shooting !!

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