New Born Photography Do’s & Don’ts

New Born Photography Do’s & Don’ts

BabyBumPhotography is a professional photography services studio based out of Gurgaon.

Baby Bum Photography, Gurgaon is a proud ten year old brand that offers Baby & kids photography, Maternity photography, New born photography and Family photography services in Gurugram.

Are you planning for a New Born Photoshoot ? If yes then there are small little details that you need to be following to prep up for the new born photography. In this blog we aim to provide all specific details regarding new born photography.


We prefer to do the new born shoot within 25 days of baby being born. It’s best you block the date before delivery or as soon as the baby is born. This avoids last minute hassles for both the new parents and the photographer.

Do’s and Don’ts

It’s very important to take the basic briefing before the new born shoot. As a responsible new born photography company we provide all the basic details to the new parents. Here we are sharing some of them.

1) Please do not apply any visible prominent Tika on the baby face or Kajal on your new born baby shoot. As a part of Indian culture we all have been doing this to our babies as a good practice but please avoid it on the day of shoot.

2) Please do not over feed the baby before coming to the studio. Over the years we have noticed that every time we start wrapping the new born baby they tend to get up and cry for milk. Well of course we need to feed the baby again. So it may lead to over feeding.

3) Also give proper burping to the baby after feeding.

4) Pack your bags a day before, Keep a separate baby bag and kindly keep everything ready a day before. Packing the baby bag is the important thing.

5) Mommies if you are feeding the baby please wear your feeding dress when u come over to the studio. Kindy carry your portrait dress packed. You can always get ready at the studio.

6) If you have a japa maid or baby care taker please feel free to bring her along.

We hope we have added a lot of informative briefing value. New Born shoots are the best thing you can celebrate on your babies arrival. Enjoy the shoot and keep getting clicked.

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Groom yourself: Get a nice haircut, come clean shaven, hairs set, shirts ironed. These small things bring a lot of difference to your baby bump pictures. You can also go for a random parlor session before the maternity photo shoot.

Foot wares: Daddies please do not forget to carry matching shoes with your outfits.

D-Day (The Shoot) : Try to be on time. Remember late coming is not a good habit. The earlier you come the more time you have with the photographer. Be joyful and fun loving during the shoot. Try to have a great time during the shoot… Keep motivating your wife to be better. Give her all the care and affection she needs at the time.

Remember a maternity shoot is a team work, for best maternity photoshoots in Gurgaon do get in touch with us. We have a beautiful well equipped photoshoot studio in Gurgaon.

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