Maternity to kids Shoots:  As and When?

Maternity to kids Shoots:  As and When?

We all love getting those beautiful professional clicks done through the photographers but when and how is the most viable question.

Let me help you out with the same.

  • Firstly, do not miss your maternity photoshoot. After your pre-wedding, this is the next important shoot in a couple’s life. The time when excitement is much felt it’s a must to catch them. The preferable time to get the shoot done is 8.5 months. From fancy dresses to make up pamper yourself to the most after all you need to enjoy it to the best. These pictures are your baby announcements as well as your social media highlights for the year so try to look your best.
  • If you really want to kill the camera, then book a birth session as well. Keep your photographer in the loop and get all the action clicked from the baby coming out to coming into your arms. You will get real-life pictures with lots of emotion and drama and believe it or not the first baby holding expression is a million-dollar photo.
  • Once your baby is a little settled get a New Born photoshoot done. The preferred time is anywhere when the baby is 10 days to 40 days old. The baby is mostly sleeping and it would be a great idea to get those New Born set-ups clicked. While still the father is learning to hold the baby but leave it up to the photographer for that day. P.S the newborn session is only done at the studio or your home.
  • The baby changes a lot with the next 4-5 months and grows leaps and bound so we suggest getting a quick 6-month birthday session done at the studio and few families click outdoor as well.
  • Now comes the 1st birthday. As an India tradition, we all get the Mundan done so please get your sessions done before the mundanA cake smash is a must and gets some solo setups done outdoor and indoor. You can use these pictures for baby birthday invites, party display, etc.
  • As a photo lover, one should also get 5th or 3rd-year birthday kids shoot done. These shoots are generally outdoor. Discuss some nice themes with the photographer and don’t forget to ask for some fine art shots

Be on time and make the most of it… you can always get few extra clicks on the benefit of time 

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