Kids Photography Gurgaon – How to get the best out of a baby

Kids Photography Gurgaon – How to get the best out of a baby

Random queries before the sessions:

Will they smile, what if they get cranky, so many changes ? how will the baby manage, what if they go off to sleep. There are so many queries. Let me make it a little easier for all of you planning a toddler session.

Time slot of the shoot

It’s best to take the morning sessions for the baby shoot. The baby is best fresh after the long morning nap vs afternoon or later part of the day. They are more active and fresh. Its best to wake them up finish their daily chores and move out of the house asap.

Keep your bag ready before hand. Baby clothes, food, accessories, toys, parents dress etc. should be ready before hand. Do not wake up the baby and start packing after wards or before leaving the house.

Try to keep the baby happy in the best possible mood. Keep interacting with the baby, sing for them and cheer them up after they wake up. Feed the baby well before leaving. Leave the house before time. Always reach the studio 10-15 mins ahead time.

Carry few favorite toys of the baby. Once you enter the studio stay excited. We always keep the set ups ready. Speak to the photographer about your babies favourite Song and try to play them aloud for the baby.

Any baby would not sit in a set up for long so once they are ready to be clicked pump them up, cheer them as much as you can. Clap for them, dance for them and do gestures that they love. During the dress changes keep them happy, give them a toy etc.

Kindy do not start feeding the baby in between the session when it is not required. The baby may get lazy or may tend to sleep.

We hope this will give you few tips and tricks to get going towards a happy baby shoot

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