Family Photography – Bonded Together

Family Photography – Bonded Together

The best thing about family portraits is it binds the entire family in a frame. What’s best than to decorate your house with large family portraits or create a family wall out of those beautiful pictures.

When is the best time to shoot ? Most parents get their Newborn or baby turning One photoshoots done at the early age of their parenthood. After that the ideal time is when your kids turn 7-8 years or 13-18 years.

Next one should finalize weather it should be a studio or outdoor shoot. If you opt for outdoor shoot then the best time would be October to February Vs studio photoshoots which can be done anytime around the year.

What to wear ?

It’s always great to be in color coordinated casuals. Talk to your photographer to seek some ideas. The best colors for studio photoshoots would be White, black, navy blue, magenta, peach. Most of the photographers allow 2 changes so pick up your colors well in advance so that you don’t mess up on the last minute. Wear solids for studio, they always look classy and add a depth to your pictures.

For outdoors one can choose one sober and bright color like Red, Yellow, maroon for one of the changes.

How to pose ?

Well, this is a task your photographer can perform the best, But always look for ideas.

Pull out some sample pictures that you can share with your photographer to execute them well. Try checking the pictures in camera during the sessions that will give you a fair idea on the scope for improvement.

Don’t forget to have fun. Enjoy the session to the fullest. When you feel happy and excited your pictures speaks for your family bond and happiness.

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