Family Photography: All you need to know

Family Photography: All you need to know

A big world and a small family is all we have. Life is fast and there is no pause button but we have one for you. A family portfolio shoot is all you need. We have hi-tech phones but are they great enough to bring the best quality to your eyes, Not yet.

  • Well practically there is no good or great time to get a family photo shoot done but we feel the best time is 3 years after your last baby. Now it can be your first, second, or third baby but the youngest one should be at least two to three years old.
  • It is advisable to plan your shoot during an occasion when your elders or near relative are visiting you. You will then get the best of the most. A big family photograph is a cherry on the cake with two to three generations on the same canvas. A small set of three to four also does wonders.
  • Plan your family shoot between the month of October to February in case you are planning for outdoor. Studio shoots are easy throughout the year. Personally, we love taking outdoor shots more but the studio has its own charm.
  • Prepare for the shoot well in advance. The lady of the house needs to sail the boat here. Make a count of family members you can arrange. Try to order some family T-Shirts for all. They are easily available online or can be customized and printed from your local gift shop. Get yourself very well color coordinated for example White and blue jeans, Blue for all, yellow for all, etc.
  • Talk to your photographers on the shots he/she is planning. We try to share a good permutation and combination of pictures. For example, mother and baby, father and kids, Grandparents and kids, Couple shots, etc. 
  • Arrange for a mini picnic for yourself in between or after the shoot. It’s a great idea to involve your pets/car/household helper for the shoots. 
  • At last, don’t forget to get a big canvas printed for your living room. It adds the magic to your Décor.

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