CAKE SMASH : Don’t miss it for your child.

CAKE SMASH : Don’t miss it for your child.

When to do the session

 It’s always great to do the session 1.5 months prior to the birthday. You will always get your deliverables in time. Indian tradition of Mundan is performed in every house hold so try to get the smash session done before mundan ceremony.

The Cake

Well the cake is very important. Speak to your photographer about the same. At babybumphotography we give options to choose to the parents either one can opt for a theme based cake or a simple solo set up cake. A theme based cake is in sync with the theme set up. For example If you are fond of jungle theme then request for a jungle theme cake.  If you need  clean smash pictures that are generic then you can go for a simple set up cake. The cake should be high rise pillar cake. Its best to go for a vanilla or pineapple cake whose base is white inside rather than going for chocolate etc.

How to order the cake

We always let the client carry their own cake if they want to else you can speak to us in advance for the cake order. The cake cost generally ranges from 1500-2000 Rs. It’s best to order through us because the cake is delivered safely.

Baby dress

The look of the baby in the cake smash session is very important.

For baby girls its best to order a tutu skirt and a wrap around the chest. Give a nice matching tiara on the head to go for the look.

For baby boys order a nice pair of denims and cool suspenders to match it. You can pair it up with  a hat .

The session

Keep the baby pumped up and all excited during the shoot. Its best to play their favorite music all throughout the session. Few babies take a lot of time to understand that the cake needs to be smashed so be patient and try to explain them though your gestures. Keep clapping and calling out the baby name while the smashing is going on. Don’t forget to make small videos, we always allow our clients to do the same.

While most of the kids enjoy the session some don’t. The cream on the hand makes them feel messy and they start feeling uneasy. Kindly do not force the baby to perform when he/she is not enjoying. It’s just about luck.

The cleaning

If you have opted for the cake smash then please carry 2 big towels, wet tissues to clean up the baby.  One extra bag to carry the dirty clothes.  After the session is over, Quickly spread one towel on the floor. Pick up the baby and put on the towel and start cleaning with wet tissues. The cake colour may not leave the skin at one go so always make it a point to give your baby a bath after reaching home to avoid any allergic reaction.

I hope this blog answered a lot of query regarding the cakes smash session.

Happy clicking !

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