Maternity Photography Prep up Brief on TO-BE-Daddy

Maternity Photography Prep up Brief on TO-BE-Daddy

BabyBumPhotography is a professional photography services studio based out of Gurgaon.

Baby Bum Photography,Gurgaon is a proud ten year old brand that offers Baby & kids photography, Maternity photography, New born photoshoots and Family photography services in Gurugram.

Babybumphotography hasalready done more than 500+ Maternity Outdoor shoots in Gurgaon in a span of 10 years. With a wide range of maternity gowns we also provide professional make up services by our trained and expert makeup Artists for our maternity photography sessions.

Are you planning for a Maternity Shoot?Generally we ask this question from the expecting mothers but this time it’s about our daddies. We often notice ladies all up and excited for the maternity shoot but the enthusiasm in most of the daddies are a little missing. Well I would urge all the daddies that this is the time to do your best for your wife’s.

Be Participative: Maternity Photography is not all about ladies only, We equally involve the men as well. As we all know a lady goes through a lot during those nine months, it’s the time when u can make her feel special by being more participative and highly involved in her maternity shoot.

HOW? Help her choose the gown, decide and be flexible on the dates for the shoot, check on the photographers available, looks for sample pictures and more. It’s fun… Isn’t it?

Come prepared: If you though it’s only ladies who need to get the make-up done and choose the gowns then you are wrong. Be smart in choosing your dresses daddies. First let your wife pick her gown colors then match it up with your shirts, trousers etc.

What can you wear: Try to look formal. It’s add a lot of depth your personality. Pair it up with solid shirts, black, white, navy blue, magenta are my go to colors. Pair it up with nice matching trousers or a formal coat.

Groom yourself: Get a nice haircut, come clean shaven, hairs set, shirts ironed. These small things bring a lot of difference to your baby bump pictures. You can also go for a random parlor session before the maternity photo shoot.

Foot wares: Daddies please do not forget to carry matching shoes with your outfits.

D-Day (The Shoot) : Try to be on time. Remember late coming is not a good habit. The earlier you come the more time you have with the photographer. Be joyful and fun loving during the shoot. Try to have a great time during the shoot… Keep motivating your wife to be better. Give her all the care and affection she needs at the time.

Remember a maternity shoot is a team work, for best maternity photoshoots in Gurgaon do get in touch with us. We have a beautiful well equipped photoshoot studio in Gurgaon.

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