Asha & Pranay

Asha and Pranay are smart corporate professionals. I still remember when I spoke with Asha for the very first time she was quiet exited for the shoot. They were putting up at a very posh apartment in Gurgaon, they were very clear that the shoot had to be done at their society green zone. This was a challenge since I had never seen the society. It was a sunny afternoon when we started shooting and we did a couple of indoor shots and mostly outdoor. Pranay is not a very camera person but Asha was all geared up for the shoot. She got some shots in a sari as well.To Asha’s surprise when I delivered the picture she was just amazed with the results. Asha is a very good friend now and I have just done her new born photography for her Baby girl Adhvika, look forward to shoot more such moments for her in the near future.